Kazakh “Alma +” opts for inext

“Alma +”, a telecom operator from Kazakhstan, announced new inext set-top boxes for its subscribers.

The inext team has successfully implemented modern media players into the “Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan” network, a Kazakh operator which owns the “Alma +” and “Alma TV” trademarks. The process of updating the set-top box lineup lasted less than a year.

In 2021, the representatives of the Kazakh operator turned to the “ROMSAT” company, next’s exclusive distributor, for advice on selecting the necessary device and software for its own network. During numerous discussions and meetings, the management of “Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan” decided to invite “ROMSAT” to launch the project based on inext solutions. Yes, the inext team has entered the new market of Kazakhstan.

Feedback from operator Alma TV (Kazakhstan)

We were already familiar with inext set-top boxes distributed by ROMSAT. Our Ukrainian colleagues provided us with several samples for testing last year. When the time to renovate the Alma TV media player lineup has come, we knew whom to turn to, – comments Dauren Jusypov, a representative of Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan. – During the further discussion of the project, we highly appreciated the level of professionalism of their R&D team. The portfolio of completed projects finally convinced us to focus on inext solutions.

Alma TV – is a modern online television with an emphasis on high-quality content on any type of device. Therefore, Alma TV needed not just a set-top box with a set of technical characteristics, but rather a solution with a regular OTA (over-the-air) system for the update. Thanks to the integration of the OTA feature, the operator got the opportunity to update the branded Alma TV launcher and applications conveniently (without physical contact with the player) on all existing devices that are actively used in the network. A customized launcher and full device, packaging, and software branding were also enforced.

The result of cooperation between Alma TV and inext is a modern AOSP-based media player with a resolution of up to 4K, branded case and remote control. The device has a pre-uploaded exclusive launcher and all the necessary applications for the best first experience of the Alma TV service to each and any user.

Photo: Pavel Sidorov, inext’s Chief Commercial Officer

This is our first major project in Kazakhstan and it was an immediate success. The inext team created a high-quality product and managed to implement it into the existing network of Alma TV in the shortest possible time, – Pavlo Sidorov, Chief Commercial Officer of inext, comments on the successful completion of the project. – “Through 2021-2022, thousands of our devices have already started working in the partner’s network, and recently a new contract for 2023 was signed.

About Alma TV

Alma TV is the first Kazakh operator of paid cable, satellite and Internet television with a 28-year history. The emergence of Alma TV began the commercial era of television in Kazakhstan. Alma TV is part of “Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan” JSC group with the “Alma +” (Alma Plus) brand – the leading communications operator of Kazakhstan. Alma TV is the first company in Kazakhstan that launched the Internet connection speed of up to 500 Mbit/s using GPON technology. Today, the company is present in 20 large Kazakh cities with a staff of over 1,500 people. Official site: https://www.almatv.kz 

About inext

«inext» – is a Ukrainian company with more than 10 years of experience and a representation in the EU. Inext’s specialization is development and production of Android STB and media players for B2B and B2C markets. The main feature of the company is the versatility and individual approach in the development of solutions from IPTV/OTT to complex multimedia systems in urban transport networks, as well as advertising and information multiscreen platforms.