For all our partners, we would like to announce the release of the inext’s next-generation consoles in advance.

The inext company continues to work tirelessly on improving its own technologies and expanding its area of ​​activity. During 2024, our company entered a number of completely new markets, implemented a number of projects with leading international companies, and deepened relations with partners in the domestic market of Ukraine.

However, the main headliner for us this year will be the release of inext TV6 and TV6 Ultra, state-of-the-art next-gen set-top boxes that will satisfy any user’s needs!

Among the main features that radically distinguish TV6/Ultra from their predecessors, first to be noted is the Allwinner H618 ARM Cortex A53 chipset, which brings the performance of set-top boxes to a completely new level.

With the Allwinner H618, you will get a higher base and turbo frequency of the processor (1.6 GHz), significantly higher resistance to the maximum possible loads (according to AnTuTu tests), increased performance, as well as Performance / watt ratio (20% higher than predecessor).

Also, the new TV6/Ultra will run on the Android 12 operating system, have an up-to-date ultra-fast Wi-Fi module, equipped with a powerful external antenna, and built-in Bluetooth.

The possibility of customizing models to the client’s needs will remain, including that it can be applied both to RAM (up to 4GB) and to Flash (up to 32GB).

At the moment, models are in the final stage of testing and are not yet available for pre-order. To everyone interested, we recommend following the news on our website and social networks to be the first in line for the new TV6 and TV6 Ultra.

Meanwhile, our company will do everything to make it easy for partners to use our products and save them time to improve their own technologies. After all, we know that this is why they choose inext!

About inext

inext LLC is a Ukrainian company with a representation in the EU specializing in software development and production of Android STBs and media players for B2B and B2C markets. inext specialists perform complex projects from IPTV / OTT to modern multimedia systems in city transport networks and advertising and informational multi-screen platforms. (