Please, welcome our new product - inext remote control application! -

We would like to present a branded inext remote control application for controlling inext media players from an Android-based smartphone. From now on, managing your smart set-top box has reached a new, higher-quality level.

inext remote control

Use the following link to download app from Google Play Market:

Features available in the application:

  • Manage your inext with your Android-based mobile device;
  • Use your voice or keyboard to search quickly;
  • Type on your device more easily with the mobile keyboard;
  • Use your phone as a gamepad for your favorite games on TV;
  • Choose an application theme comfortable for the eyes: light or dark.

Convenient control

The inext R&D team is constantly improving the end-user’s interaction experience with inext media players. The ability to control the device through an Android application on a smartphone is another step towards more comfortable use of inext set-top boxes. Voice dialing, touch keyboard, gamepad are modern tools for every smartphone owner. Therefore, the integration of these functions into the inext media player remote control application became a logical step on the way to improve inext services.

iOS-based application

An iOS-based application is in development.