inext designs an own TR-069 client -

inext introduces a new solution for operators – TR-069 client

To date, the inext R&D team continues to work on improving its own product. We do our best to make using our devices enjoyable. Therefore, every day we try to make our products capable of what they were not capable of the day before.

An important part of inext’s activity is interaction with Internet/OTT/IPTV operators, whose convenience in using and configuring inext set-top boxes is a priority for us. That is why our developers have created an own built-in TR-069 client, using which the operator can remotely control its devices.

What is TR-069? — It is a technical specification that defines the CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol) protocol for managing customer-premises equipment through a global network, with the aim of standardizing and unifying principles for managing customer-premises equipment. CWMP is an application-level protocol that uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) as an information transfer tool – an extension of HTTP. All data is transmitted in XML format.

According to the specification, an auto-configuration server (ACS – Auto Configuration Server) must be located on the provider’s territory, which organizes interaction with customer-premises equipment (CPE), that is a set-top box located at the client. Such a server processes requests from devices and is able to connect additional services.

The implementation of TR-069 client is the most optimal solution for operators who already use this specification, as it greatly simplifies the process of integrating operator software into inext products.

The main advantages of using TR-069 are:

  • Ability to manage devices with dynamic IP;
  • Improved security of communication and data transfer from or to the device thanks to the use of HTTPS;
  • Ability to manage devices in a private network;
  • Ability to configure zero-touch configuration;
  • Ability to manage devices from different vendors.

From now on, operators will not have to weigh up how to manage their devices while using inext products. Updating firmware, rebooting devices, sending messages to the device, viewing and analyzing logs and performance, diagnostics – that is a short list of what guarantees the use of TR-069 on inext set-top boxes.

owever, inext has a convenient and effective solution for managing devices in its network even for those partners that do not work according to the TR-069 standard – Alcatraz cloud service, which is already successfully used by more than a hundred providers. More information about the Alcatraz service is available at the link:

In the near future, our team is not going to rest on our laurels. We will continue to develop our technology and make solutions for our partners even simpler and more profitable. And we know that this is why they choose inext!

About inext

inext LLC – is a Ukrainian company with a representation in the EU. inext’s specialization is development and production of Android STB and media players for B2B and B2C markets. The company staff performs and implements complex solutions for IPTV/OTT, modern multimedia systems in urban transport networks, as well as advertising and information multiscreen platforms.

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