Alcatraz cloud-based device management system is a free tool for Internet service providers, whose network operates set-top boxes inext.

About Alcatraz, english subtitles.

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As a service designed specifically for monitoring and administration, Alcatraz allows the provider to remotely control subscribers’ devices.


  • full control of the set-top box
  • push notification
  • REST API for integration
  • useful information
  • free of charge*

The operator can see the STB model name, software version, MAC address, serial number, last IP address and activity status. It is also possible to send a customizable message to the user screen and lock certain STBs.


The available Alcatraz REST API easily integrates with any middleware and billing systems, allowing you to achieve full automation of smart set-top box management.

Activity, status, control or sending messages – each feature available directly at the operator’s corporate control system.

Alcatraz is already used by hundreds of Internet service providers in Ukraine, we are constantly updating and improving the service, giving operators a powerful tool for remote management of media players inext.